CH Spothaven Living Dangerously CGC

(GCH Spothaven Strong And True x BISS GCHS Matchless N Spothaven Stars Align BCAT)

Ted is a happy boy with an ever wagging tail.  His rich, chocolate liver color is stunning against his white background.  He has a beautiful dark liver eye and presents a moderate, square package.  We love his freckles!

Ted started his show career with a 3-pt major his first weekend in the ring at 8 months old.  He has worked hard with owner, Samantha Kodani, on his training.  We are thankful to Jean Gauchat-Hargis and Josh Hargis for presenting Ted so nicely.  

Ted was bred by Connie and Lauren Brown.  He is owned by Samantha and Greg Kodani, and Connie Brown.

a little about Ted...


DOB:  2/11/2021

Liver Spotted

* BAER Bilateral Hearing

* CERF - too young

* Thyroid - too young

* OFA - too young

Career Highlights

SVKC (Specialty-supported) - 3pt Major

Oakland KC - 3pt Major

Show Record

Championship Title

10/31/2021 - Sacramento Valley KC

* Winner's Dog (3-pt Major) - Jdg. Robert Hutton

11/5/2021 - Yosemite KC

* Winner's Dog (1-pt) - Jdg. Michael Canalizo

1/23/2022 - Portland KC

* Winner's Dog (1-pt) - Jdg. Dana Cline

1/29/2022 - San Fernando KC

* Winner's Dog (1-pt) - Jdg. Leonard Reppond

2/19/2022 - Sun Maid KC

* Winner's Dog (1-pt) - Jdg. Al Bianchi

3/25/2022 - San Mateo KC

* WD/BOW (2-pt) - Jdg. James Brown

3/26/2022 - Oakland KC

* Winner's Dog (3-pt Major) - Jdg. Rodney Merry

4/23/2022 - Chief Solano KC

* WD/BOW (2-pt) - Jdg. Joan Luna Liebes

4/29/2022 - Santa Cruz KC

* WD/BOW (1-pt) - Jdg. Marie Ann Falconer

New Champion Ted!