Spothaven Sugar And Spice

(GCH Spothaven Strong And True x BISS GCHS Matchless N Spothaven Stars Align BCAT)

Stevie truly lives up to her name: sweet and cuddly (sugar) but laughs in the face of danger (spice).  She gives the show ring her all and is tons of fun to show!  Stevie excells in type.  She is a nice sqaure package with balanced angulation and rich liver color.

Stevie has "sat the bench" while she has grown up.  She is making up for lost time though in 2023, and has taken the ring by storm.  We look forward to watching Stevie accomplish her goals this year.

Stevie is bred by Connie and Lauren Brown.  She is owned by Paula and Madysson Krietemeyer, and Connie & Lauren Brown.

a little about Stevie...


DOB:  2/11/2021

Liver Spotted

* BAER Bilateral Hearing

* CERF - too young

* Thyroid - too young

* OFA - too young

Career Highlights

Show Record

Championship Title

1/29/2023 - Los Encinos KC

* WB/BOW (1-pt) - Jdg. Kim Meyer (Aus)

2/17/2023 - Sunmaid KC

* WB (1-pt) - Jdg. Julie Lux

2/18/2023 - Sunmaid KC

* WB/BOW (1-pt) - Jdg. Mary Miller

2/19/2023 - Sunmaid KC

* WB/BOW/BOS over CH bitches (1-pt) - Jdg. Carol White-Moser

7/15/2023 - Del Monte KC

* WB/BOW (1-pt) - Jdg. Paulett DeLong

10/6/2023 - Gavilan KC

* Winners Bitch (2-pt) - Jdg. Dr. Daniel Dowling

10/7/2023 - Gavilan KC

* WB/BOW/BOS over CH bitches (2-pt) - Jdg. Sherry Patton

2/1/2024 - Dal Club Greater Phoenix

* WB/BOW (3-pt) - Breeder Jdg. Gary Myers