GCH Spothaven Truly Scrumptious

(BIS BISS GCH Tramac Just Watch Me Shine x CH BarNone Spothvn Lil Ms Sunshine)

Scarlett is an elegant little girl with amix of sass and sweetness.  She is all business in the ring, and her intensity makes her stand out.

Scarlett has a bueautiful front and shoulder assembly.  She has nice boning, level topline and tail carriage.  Her beautiful face is framed by her ears and she uses them well.

Scarlett finished her Championship title easily with 3 majors (from the Bred-By Exhibitor class), BOB from the classes, BOS over Specials and a Specialty win!  She finished her Grand Championship with six majors in a highly competitive field of Specials!  Good girl, Scarlett!

Scarlett is bred, owned, handled and loved by Connie and Lauren Brown.

a little about Scarlett...


DOB:  7/15/2012

Black Spotted

CHIC #102901

* BAER Uniilateral

* CERF - Normal

* Thyroid - Normal

* OFA - Good

Career Highlights

DCSDC - Res. Winners Bitch

DCGSL (DCA-Supported) - 4th Pl - Bred-By Exhibitor

DCA - 4th Pl Futurity (9-12 mo)

S2S NS Specialty - WB/BOW

Show Record

Championship Title

2/22/2013 - Dal Club of San Diego Co

* Reserve Winner's Bitch - Jdg. Rita Biddle

3/1/2013 - Superstition KC

* Winner's Bitch (1-pt) - Jdg. Eugene Blake

4/14/2013 - Dal Club of Gtr St. Louis

DCA Supported Specialty

* 4th Place - Bred-By Exhibitor - Jdg. Terri Lyddon

4/30-5/4/2013 DCA National Specialty

4th Place Futurity (9-12 mo) - Jdg. Michele Wrath

6/28/13 - Dal Club of So Cal

Best-In-Sweepstakes - Jdg. Jacquiline Quinn

8/25/13 - Santa Barbara KC

* WB/BOB (1-pt) - Jdg. Luis Pinto Teixeira

9/28/13 - San Luis Obispo KC

• WB/BOW/BOS (1-pt) - Jdg. Florence Males

9/29/13 - San Luis Obispo KC

• WB/BOS (1-pt) - Jdg. Richard Beauchamp

11/2/13 - San Gabriel Valley KC

• WB/BOW (2-pt Major) - Jdg. Dr. DiNardo

7/4/14 - Channel Cities KC

• WB (3-pt MAJOR!) - Jdg. Ray Filburn

9/13/14 - Santa Ana Valley KC

• WB/BOS over 3 bitch Specials (3-pt MAJOR!)

* Jdg. Desmond Murphy

1/2/15 - Sand-To-Sea NS Specialty

• WB/BOW (3-pt MAJOR!) - Jdg. Bart Miller

New Champion Scarlett!

Grand Championship Title - Update!

3/25/16 - Dal Club of North Texas

Select Dog (4-pt Major) - Jdg. Edd Bivin

3/25/16 - Dal Club of North Texas

* Select Dog (4-pt Major) - Jdg. Ardith Dahlstrom

3/26/16 - Fort Worth KC

• Best-of-Opp Sex (4-pt Major) - Jdg. Florence Males

3/27/16 - Fort Worth KC

* Best-of-Opp Sex (4-pt Major) - Jdg, Chris Levy

7/2/16 - Burbank KC

* Select Dog (4-pt Major) - Jdg. George Milutinovich

7/30/16 - Lompoc Valley KC

* Best-of-Opp Sex (2-pt) - Jdg. Sandy Wheat

1/28/17 - Orange Empire DC

* Select Dog (4-pt Major) - Jdg. Luis Sosa

New Grand Champion Brady!

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