CH Spothaven N Sunnyglen Rewrite The Stars

(CH Sunnyglen Spencer For Hire x BISS GCHS Matchless N Spothaven Stars Align BCAT)

Rhys is a sweet, sensitive boy who has never met a stranger (2 or 4-legged).  He presents a square, balanced outline with intense pigment.  His beautiful headpiece is accentuated with dark eye color.  He has lots of bone and substance, beautiful shoulders and depth of thigh.  His foot fall is efficient.  A short hock means he is built for endurance.

Rhys has done very well in the show ring.  He's been shown 4 weekends and has been awarded 4 major wins.  His future is bright.

Rhys is breeder/owner handled by Connie and Lauren Brown.  He is owned by Dr. Kelly Killeen and Clayton Graff, and Connie Brown.  Most importantly, he is cherished by Grayson and CiCi Graff.

a little about Rhys...


DOB:  4/7/2022

Black Spotted

* BAER Bilateral Hearing

* CERF - too young

* Thyroid - too young

* OFA - too young

Career Highlights

DCSC Best-in-Sweepstakes

DCSDC Winner's Dog

Show Record

Championship Title

10/30/2022 - Sacramento Valley KC

* WD/BOW (3 pt Major) - Jdg. Danielle Brown

1/5/2023 - Sand-to-Sea Non-Sporting DC

* WD (1pt) - Jdg. Chris Levy

1/6/2023 - Dal Club of So Cal

* Best Puppy in Sweepstakes - Jdg. Duff Harris

1/7/2023 - KC of Palm Springs

* WD/BOW (3 pt Major) - Jdg. Jason Hoke

1/8/2023 - KC of Palm Springs

* WD/BOW (3 pt Major) - Jdg. Peter Miller (Aus)

6/15/2023 - Dal Club of San Diego Co

* WD (3 pt Major) - Jdg. Marilyn Dromgoole

6/25/2023 - Burbank KC

* WD (1 pt) - Jdg. Linda Krukar

8/26/2023 - Santa Barbara KC

* WD (2 pt) - Jdg. Shawn Ashbaugh

New Champion Rhys!