Montana x Bella

Montana” - CHIC #81259

BIS MBISS BISNOHS GCHG Spothaven Wake Up The Echoes ROM

(BIS CH Avalon Taylormade By Paisley x CH BarNone Spothaven Lil Ms Sunshine


GCH Hollyhead Ravin Bellatrix

(CH OnTheSpot's Ravin About Johnny x CH Harmony N Satin Smarty Pants)

The Girls!

The Boys!

Ten puppies whelped Nov 27, 2013

     * Four Boys (1 Patch; 2 black spotted; 2 liver spotted)

     * Six Girls (2 Patches; all black spotted)

     * All bilateral hearing!!!

Pink Girl

Black Spotted

GCHB Abbey

GCHB Hollyhead Abigail Kissing The Bricks At Indy

Black Spotted

Blue Girl

Black Spotted

GCHB Marin

GCHB Hollyhead Twelve Grimmauld Place

Black Spotted

Orange Patch Girl

Black Spotted


Black Spotted


Hollyhead Spothaven Dream Weaver Irish Legacy

Black Spotted


Liver Spotted


Liver Spotted

Orange Patch Boy

Black Spotted