Lynwood N Spothaven Leading Man

(GCH Trails Ends N Brassy Acres Shot Through The Heart x GCHS Desert Sun's Painted Picasso)

Evan is a Miniature American Shepherd, bred by Kacy Reighter, Deanna Mooney and Jordan Confer.  He is our first MAS and we have throughly enjoyed getting to know this breed.  Evan is social and sweet, truly Lauren's "leading man".  His first 2 years, he attended classes with Lauren at Oklahoma City University earning his degree in Mass Communications.  Now that he is home in California, he has returned to his show career.

We love Evan's balance and symmetry.  He uses himself well when moving and we love his breed type.  Most importantly, Evan has a fabulous temperament.  He makes friends wherever he goes... both human and canine.  We are having so much fun with this little guy... he has a bright future in conformation and performance.

Evan is owned and loved by Lauren and Connie Brown, and Kacy Reighter.  

a little about Evan...


DOB:  4/21/2021


* CERF - too young

* Thyroid - too young

* OFA - too young

Career Highlights

Show Record

Championship Title

7/16/2022 - Del Monte KC

* WD/BOW/BOS/BOH (1-pt) - Jdg. Linda Robey

9/17/2022 - Bartlesville KC

* WD/BOW/BOS (2-pt) - Jdg. Polly Smith

10/22/2022 - Seminole KC

* WD/BOS (1-pt) - Jdg. Joy Lynne Huntley

9/30/2023 - Bonanza KC

* WD/BOW (3-pt Major) - Jdg. Richard Lewis