CH Spothaven Golden Legacy

(GCH Spothaven Strong And True x BISS GCHS Matchless N Spothaven Stars Align BCAT)

Emmett is our sweet, loving boy with a beautiful headpiece and rich, deep chocolate brown pigment.  He is a moderate dog with nice substance and balanced angles.  His movement is clean with lovely foot fall.

Emmett started his show career with a Specialty win from the Bred By Exhibitor class.  We have taken our time with him and he has shown sporatically.  He is maturing nicely and we look forward to lots of fun with him!

Emmet is bred, owned and loved by Connie and Lauren Brown.  

a little about Emmett...


DOB:  2/11/2021

Liver Spotted

* BAER Bilateral Hearing

* CERF - too young

* Thyroid - too young

* OFA - too young

Career Highlights

OKC - 4-6mo Puppy Best-In-Show

DCNC - Winners Dog

DCSC - Best-in-Sweepstakes

DCSDC - Best-in-Sweepstakes

DCSDC - Winners Dog

Show Record

Championship Title

6/30/2021 - Oklahoma Kennel Club

* 4-6 mo Puppy Best-In-Show - Jdg. Polly Smith

8/28/2021 - Santa Barbara KC

* Winner's Dog (1-pt) - Jdg. Polly Smith

10/29/2021 - Dal Club of NorCal

* Winner's Dog (4-pt Major) - Breeder Jdg. John Cramer

1/7/2022 - Dal Club of SoCal

* Best-in-Sweepstakes - Jdg. Ryan Buzard

6/16/2022 - Dal Club of San Diego Co

* Best-in-Sweepstakes - Breeder Jdg. Dennis Sanders

6/16/2022 - Dal Club of San Diego Co

* Winner's Dog (5-pt Major) - Breeder Jdg. Deirdre Rahn

7/16/2022 - Del Monte KC

* Winner's Dog (1-pt) - Jdg. Debra Long Gschwendor

8/7/2022 - South Bay KC

* WD/BOW (1-pt) - Jdg. Rodney Herner

8/26/2022 - Simi Valley KC

* WD/BOW (1-pt) - Jdg. Shalisa Nealy

8/27/2022 - Santa Barbara KC

* WD/BOW (1-pt) - Jdg. Dennis McCoy

10/15/2022 - Black Mountain KC

* Winner's Dog (1-pt) - Jdg. Sulie Greendale-Paveza

New Champion Emmett!