CH Spothaven Step Into The Sun

(GCH Spothaven Strong And True x BISS GCHS Matchless N Spothaven Stars Align BCAT)

David is a stunning young dog with a bright future ahead of him.  His beautiful head piece is accentuated by a long neck blending into his shoulders and back.  He uses himself well with balanced sidegait.  His pigment is intense with a gorgeous dark eye color.

David started his show career with a bang!  He was pointed at 8 months old and is shown in the Bred By Exhibitor class.  We look forward to lots of fun with this stunning young man!

David was bred by Connie and Lauren Brown.  He is owned by Steve Sunshine and Ray Szymonek, and Connie Brown.

a little about David...


DOB:  2/11/2021

Black Spotted

* BAER Bilateral Hearing

* CERF - too young

* Thyroid - too young

* OFA - too young

Career Highlights

AVKC (Specialty-supported) - 4pt Major

KCPS (Specialty-supported) - 3pt Major

Show Record

Championship Title

11/4/2021 - San Gabriel Valley KC

* Winner's Dog (1-pt) - Jdg. Patricia Sosa

11/5/2021 - Los Encinos KC

* Winner's Dog (1-pt) - Jdg. Nancy Hafner

11/7/2021 - Antelope Valley KC

* WD/BOW (4-pt Major) - Jdg. Bradley Odagiri

1/9/2022 - KC of Palm Springs

* WD (3-pt Major) - Jdg. Gayle Denman

1/30/2022 - Los Encinos KC

* WD/BOW (2-pt) - Jdg. Donnelle Richards

4/22/2022 - Lake Matthews KC

* WD/BOW (1 pt) - Jdg. Polly Smith

4/23/2022 - Conejo KC

* WD/BOW (1 pt) - Jdg. Cindy Meyer

4/24/2022 - Conejo KC

* WD/BOW (1 pt) - Jdg. Charles Olvis

5/8/2022 - Rio Hondo KC

* WD/BOW (1 pt) - Jdg. Sue Goldberg

New Champion David!