Brady x Lindi

Brady” - CHIC #115081

GCH Spothaven Strong And True

(BIS GCH Tramac Just Watch Me Shine x CH BarNone Spothaven Lil Ms Sunshine

Lindi” - CHIC #149478

BiSS GCHS Matchless N Spothaven Stars Align BCAT

(GCH Spotlight N Dakota Gryffin x CH Starcoach Watch Me Shine

THIRTEEN puppies whelped Feb 11, 2021

5 Boys (4 Livers; 1 Black); 8 Girls (4 Liver; 4 Black)

1 patch; 2 blue eyes

10 BAER Bilateral Hearing; 3 BAER Unilateral Hearing

David (formerly David)

CH Spothaven Step Into The Sun

Black-Spotted Male

Emmett (formerly  Johnney)

CH Spothaven Golden Legacy

Liver-Spotted Male

Ted (formerly Ted)

CH Spothaven Living Dangerously

Liver-Spotted Male

Cast List

Sven (formerly Ray)

Spothaven All Is Found

Liver-Spotted Male

Scout (formerly Patrick)

Spothaven International Scout

Liver-Spotted Male

Lexi (formerly Moira)

Spothaven Something Special

Black-Spotted Female

Luma (formerly Alexis)

Spothaven Star Light

Liver-Spotted Female

Calli (formerly Gwen)

GCH Spothaven Prospectors Delite

Black-Spotted Female

Rory(formerly Twyla)

CH Spothaven Rorschach

Liver-Spotted Female

Bralin(formerly Ronnie)

CH Spothaven Sealed With A Kiss

Black-Spotted Female

Stevie(formerly Stevie)

Spothaven Sugar And Spice

Liver-Spotted Female

Brie(formerly RoseBud)

Spothaven Le Petit Fromage

Black-Spotted Female

Kipper(formerly Jocelyn)

Spothaven Liver Sparkle On The Go!

Liver-Spotted Female